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Activation and API Key

To receive the Api Key, you must install the Clover App called “Smart Online Order” from the Clover App Market

Note: You must install it from a computer by going to clover.com to get the api key

1.) Go to Clover.com and login with your user name and password

2.) Go to the App Market and search for “Smart Online Order”

3.) Select the plan that is best for you and install “Smart Online Order”



4.) To get the Api and perform the installation yourself, select the option to install the plugin yourself. You will then be given an Api Key.

Copy and Paste the Api Key

5.) If you have a WordPress Website and planning to install the plugin yourself, continue reading…

6.) Login to the backend of your WordPress website, select the option to install a new plugin. Then copy and paste the Api Key into the key settings





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