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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Q.) I want some quick installation instructions

A.)  Install Smart Online Order for Clover plugin, go to clover.com, install Smart Online Order, re-launch the app to get the Api-Key. Select import items, Wait for your menu to sync. Then go to store settings and make any changes.

Q.) What is a Clover POS

A.) Please visit Clover.com to learn more about the Clover POS

Q.) Will the plugin work if I don’t have a Clover POS

A.) No, this plugin requires that you have an activated merchant account with a Clover POS

Q.) Does Smart Online Order work with Clover GO

A.) Yes

Q.) I don’t have a WordPress Website, will Smart Online Order still work for me?

A.) Yes, we will make you an Online Order Page, which you can link to

Q.) I don’t have a website, what can I do?

A) No problem, we can create for you a beautiful website with Online Ordering. Please call or email for more info



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