Custom Store Interface

Are you a developer and want to create your own custom store interface?

We have created a small rest api to get categories/items, using this rest api you can

1- get all categories
2- get items for a category
3- get categories and first five items for each category
4- get detail for an item
5- get the cart content
5- add items to cart
Then you can use our checkout page for checkout process (btw will add this feature to our rest api very soon).
To use the rest api use this url :
1- get all categories :
2- items for a category : (change the  7PQM149AFWHDA with category uuid)
3- To get categories with some items :
4-  to get detail for an item with modifier groups and modifiers use this endpoint : (don’t forget to change item id)
5- To get your cart content send a simple GET request to
the response will contain the items and information abour order total
6- to add items to cart send a POST request with form data that contain :
  1. item_uuid,
  2. to add more modifiers add other one and change 0 by 1 or 2 …
To this endpoint:
you can test the request 1-5 in your navigator to see the response and the fields
you can use our rest api directly from your page using javascript or from your php code using Curl or Guzzle to send requests
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