How to enable and use coupon codes

By default coupon code is disabled. To enable coupon codes, please perform the following steps

Go to Clover Orders, Settings, Checkout Settings, then Enable Coupon Codes. A great way to make customers

order from your websites is to print coupons from your Clover POS using Perfect Coupons. Enable Perfect Coupons

from the Checkout Settings, then download the Perfect Coupon App from the Clover App Market and start printing Coupons

You can find the Perfect Coupons App by going to More Tools from your Clover POS

then download the Perfect Coupons App

Once coupon codes is enabled you can either print the coupons or generate Coupon Codes

If you want to generate Coupon Codes, then Go to Clover Orders, then Coupons, then select Add Coupon

You can offer multiple coupons by offering different discounts to different customers

Only customers that know the coupon code can receive the discount

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