Make a modifier group as required

Making a modifier group as required can be important for several reasons

-You are selling pizza and want your Online customers to select at least one topping

-You are selling Burritos which requires customer to choose either black beans or pinto beans

These are just some reasons and your business may vary depending on what you are offering

Now, that this information is out of the way. Let’s learn how to make a modifier required

  • Making a required modifier can only be done from either or from the Clover POS
  • Once a modifier becomes required, this will be required both on the station and also on the website

Go to the Clover inventory app either from your station or from the Web. Then set a minimum moodier amount to be required before items can be added to cart

Note: If you don’t see the Modifier Group button, then it means you have the Register Lite bundle, you may need to upgrade to the Register Plus plan. You can do this yourself by going to the app market and upgrading or call Clover Tech Support for assistance

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