Getting Started - Smart Online Order for Clover - Easy Setup

  • The first thing to do is to install the app. And this is how the Order Online Page looks like.

  • Go to your Clover dashboard. And then, choose the right location.

  • Go to More Tools. Type in Smart Online Order.

  • Press connect.

  • Once you press Connect, you'll see different options for the subscription. Choose one.

  • Once you press accept, It will connect you to the set-up page. Choose the one that suits your current situation.

  • Choose a name for your restaurant.

  • And fill out the rest of the form.

  • Upload an image for the Logo and for the header as well. Put a check on the terms and conditions. And then, click Submit.

  • Next, you can see the links where you can visit and view your Online Order Page.

  • When you scroll down below, you'll see a video. Make sure to watch the video.

  • This link is for the documentation (

  • Go to your Clover dashboard. Go to Setup > Enter password.

  • You can see the different options where you can customize. Make the default order type.

  • Next step, go to Order Receipt. Check the boxes which are the Order note and Show customer info.

  • Now, go to Payment Receipts. Check the box for Customer Information.

  • Next, go to Business Information. Add your Business Hours.

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