How to charge a Service Fee for Online Orders - Smart Online Order for Clover

  • On the back-end of your dashboard, go to Clover Orders > Settings > Check-out settings.

  • Scroll down below until you see Service Fees. It allows you to charge an additional fee per order so for
    an example, your order from door dash and they usually charge you between three and seven percent per online order just an example. So it will also charge a customer a small fee as well.
  • Change the Service charge name. For example, Online Order Fee. For the fees to be charged, for example, 50 cents per order okay so you can do a flat fee per order or what you can do you could do a percentage like what door.

  • The door dash may change the rules or policies from different fees to different people. Next, if you want to find a way to offset the online credit card fees, you can charge more. So it charges a service fee to the online ordering. This way, you can collect it from checkout. The customer still has access to being able to leave tips.
  • If you have both of them enabled you may get fewer tips. If you have no service fee you may get more tips so do a balance of the two to and make sure it's not too high just even so that you also get tips and you also can collect the credit card fees or service fees or online order fees that you need to accomplish.
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