How to change the PDF Menu on Your Order Online Page - Smart Online Order

  • How to upload a PDF menu to the website already have. If you want to replace the existing page and on the menu, is it's usually a PDF because it can be printed out.

  • Login to the back-end of your Wordpress dashboard. Go to Media > Library> Add new. And then, upload an image.

  • Select a PDF file.

  • Next, copy the link. And then, go to appearance.

  • And then, go to Appearance > Menus

  • All of it on the box is the menu.

  • So we have to make sure the menu corresponds to the other one which is the locations. If you have multiple locations, just go back to the back-end of the original location. 
  • Copy and paste the new PDF URL. Change it to the other location as well.

  • Refresh the page and check the difference.

  • Tip is to make sure when you upload a file, the size is 2 megabytes.
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