How to link Smart Online Order Page to your Godaddy website

Connecting your Smart Online Order link to your GoDaddy website

Here are the following steps:

  • Copy the website Link/URL on the Order Online Page.
  • Go to your GoDaddy website > Dashboard and press Edit Site.

  • Once you open the website, update the links for the Online Order button.

  • Copy and Paste the new link.
  • Press done and It'll save automatically. Once you press the button on your GoDaddy website, It'll direct you to the Smart Online Order page.

  • If there is another Online Order button included on the pages/button at the very top, Kindly go to Edit Site > Pages.

  • Press the three (3) dots on the Online Order section.

  • Press Link settings.

  • Paste the new link to the Website URL.

  • Press done and refresh.
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