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Display categories on different pages

There are times where you may want to display a specific category on a different page. For example, you may have a catering menu that you want to keep separate or would like a separate page to accept deposits or donations.

There a few steps involved in making a categories appear separate on different pages.

  • It will require that you know the category id, you can get this from clover.com
  • You will also need to enter the following shortcode: [moo_all_items category=’enter category id here’]
  • For example, [moo_all_items category=’SGVFQ44G09H6R’]
  • In other words ‘SGVFQ44G09H6R’ is a category id number. Howerver, you would enter your own category id



This is what it will look like once finished

Here is what the website would look like

This merchant has two pages with two separate categories “Order Online” “Pay Deposit Online”

Each page has a different category See this website to see an example of how it would look like




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